I’ve lived in six states, five countries (6 if you count abroad study) and know my life is anything but ordinary. I used to think that made me special but I’ve come to learn that’s not true, everyone and everyplace has a story. People are amazing. I’ve never been good with words, so I tell those stories with my lens.

I am a professional freelance photographer specializing in travel and landscape imagery. I currently live in Hamburg, Germany, but I frequently travel to other locations due to my interest in learning and experiencing new places and cultures.

All images are available for commercial, editorial and personal use. I’ve recently been accepted as a member of Stocksy United Cooperative, where you can purchase stock imagery. Here’s a link to what I have available, which right now isn’t much. I am working on building my collection so check back!

If you are interesting in purchasing any prints of my work that aren’t on Stocksy, please contact me. I amĀ also available to work on assignment.