A Visit with Friends in the Artic Exploring Northern Norway


Jackson has survived his first plane ride! We flew from Oslo to Bardufoss in Northern Norway, where our friend picked us up and brought us to his little cabin on the island of Rolla. The flight was a learning experience for Mike and me, and J did pretty well. He slept most the time, and it was very uneventful.

Our friend’s cabin is in the municipality of Ibestad, on the Southern end of Troms County, above the Artic Circle. The island was fun to explore, not touristy at all, with some unique views. It was a surprisingly similar feeling as visiting Mike’s hometown (small, secluded) in Texas, except for the mountains, water, and cool summers. Our friend kept bumping into people he knew, most who were classmates or relatives.

  His cabin was perfect. Mike and I were inspired to dream of our own cabin one day. It was very strange to have daylight for 24 hours a day, and I think it tricked all three of us into sleeping less. I never wanted to! But I still felt tired, so I did when I could, always after midnight.

View from the deck with a rainbow

Can’t you relax here?

Flowers around the cabin

Flowers around the cabin

Flowers around the cabin

BBQ on the Deck

Our friend’s adorable dog

We took a hike to another cabin

Hiking with the baby!

View along the hike

Our friends were our personal tour guides. The last night we were taken to the neighboring island (Andorja) where we got to witness and capture the sunset (the sun did “set,” or rather escape behind the mountains of Senja, for a few minutes). Unfortunately because of J’s appetite, I wasn’t able to scout the best point of view for these shots, so I knew I could have done better. We did run into another photographer, who was living out of an RV, all set up to load and edit his pictures 50 feet from where he took them and where he would wake the next morning. He’s got something good going on, that’s the best way to be a landscape photographer.

Someone already set to camp

Mike enjoying the view

Poor Jackson wasn’t very happy, Mike was trying to console him.

Bye bye sun

Lesson learned. Don’t discount the other islands when planning a trip to Lofoten. And rent an RV.

And here are some pictures of our adorable son!



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