From Kiel to Oslo Learing to travel with an infant

July 22nd, 2016

Things have changed for Mike and I. We are no longer traveling as a couple, but now a couple with an infant son. As a photographer, this is a challenge, and I have much to learn.

Mike has a four-week summer break. Before we were even pregnant we knew we wanted to travel to Scandinavia while we were living in Northern Germany. It’s a big place, so we knew we needed the long summer break (and the weather would be comfortable). So here we are, after having changed our plans multiple times for various reasons, in Northern Norway. We’re spending almost all our travels in Norway, even though that wasn’t our original plan.

We first drove from Hamburg to Kiel and boarded a ferry, the Color Line, for an overnight trip to Oslo. Unfortunately, Jackson was in the middle of a mental ‘leap’ (if you don’t know what this is, Google The Wonder Weeks). It’s a book that explains that babies are fussier at times when they experience developmental leaps. From our short experience as parents, we have seen exactly what is predicted in the book happen, at the time it predicts. The leaps are not fun, not fun at all. Our sense of humor is uh, adjusting.

Our relaxing lunch as the ship set sail? Yeah, that was each of us shoving down our sandwiches while the other walked/rocked/searched for white noise hoping to get our son to sleep. The budget inside cruise cabin not meant for anything but sleep? J wanted to eat every hour it seemed and there weren’t many public placed to sit that weren’t outside in the chilly wind. We spent most our time in that cabin. The nice singing dancing show I heard so many great things about? It was way too loud and not appropriate for a screaming infant. We left just after we ordered drinks and the show began. The nice tapas dinner we would have liked to eat together? J got hungry and had to eat first. Mike was too, so I ate after them. Ohhh parenting is fun!

We did get to enjoy a nice family photo shoot while J was in a good mood, as the sun set.

Mike even managed to capture a few of me.

And of course, I had to get in a few other shots.

Arriving in Oslo

We arrived in Oslo relatively early, so we explored a few places before checking into the hotel.

Arriving in Oslo

Akershus Fortress

Akershus Fortress

Oslo Opera House

Inside the Oslo Opera House

Walking to the roof of the Oslo Opera House

On the roof of the Oslo Opera House

J was happy because he was either eating or napping in the carrier. Parking cost over $25, partly because Oslo is crazy expensive and partly because our little one is a slow hungry eater.

We enjoyed our two nights in Oslo. Not the greatest photography destination (with a baby), but definitely worth a visit.

In front of the Royal Palace

In front of the Royal Palace

Oslo Cathedral


Next…. Jacksons first plane ride!

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