Iceland Day 3 From Vik to Höfn

We woke this morning to a grey wet sky. Other then a good simple breakfast, the weather made for a slow start to the day. Even though the weather wasn’t cooperating, we still wanted to see the famous coastline. We stopped at Dyrhólaey, and despite the grey skies, we were greatly impressed by the landscape. We stayed there longer then I thought we would, experimenting with settings and different perspectives. I ended up liking the moodiness of the scene, especially in black and white.

I have a Canon 6D full-frame camera, advertised as having ‘weather sealing’, whatever that means. One would think that this means a better performance in crappy weather then a non-weather sealed camera. Mike was using my old Canon t2i, a camera without weather sealing. My 6D started malfunctioning way before his, hmmmm.  Anyways, I wasn’t too upset, but he did get some pictures at our second stop (the lighthouse), while my camera was resting/drying in the car.

The daylight lasted long enough for us to drive most the way to our stop for the night. Unfortunately the grey darkness never let up, so my motivation to stop and grab pictures along the drive wasn’t very strong. The landscape was very interesting, I would even consider it somewhat strange.

Towards the end of the drive it started snowing, and we had to slow down. By the time we drove by the glacier lagoon it was dark. Oh well, we knew we would have a few more chances to photograph that location.

That night we checked into our hotel outside of Hofn, the Nýpugarðar Guesthouse. It’s hidden off the main road, on a farm, about a twenty minute drive from Hofn. For the price, we highly recommend it. The owner is local and friendly, the food is good, and the rooms (with bathrooms) are large enough and nice. They do have cheaper rooms with shared bathrooms but I can’t speak about those. Normally we would choose that option but being pregnant = having to get up many times in the middle of the night to pee. Not fun.

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