Cologne, Germany (and some computer stuff)

I don’t know about you all, but I always seem to have a love/hate relationship with my computer. When I buy a computer, I buy the best at the best price, so the first year I typically rave about the abilities of my new computer. Half way into the second year, I stop the raving and instead start grunting at it. At first I have a hard time admitting to anyone that there is something I am now getting annoyed at, but the eventual cursing and screaming and tempter tantrums tell the truth. Mike has learned to leave the room when I start making my “ugh!” sounds while I’m working.

My laptop is now two and a half years old. I was going to be doing heavy photo editing, so I bought the fastest laptop Best Buy was selling at the time off the shelf, and replaced the 1 TB hard drive with a 128 GB SSD(also the largest they had). I’ve never seen a laptop turn on so quickly. At first using Photoshop and Lightroom at the same time worked fine, and as I got better at editing I also got faster. I decided to start using the Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan, which gave me the newest and greatest photo editing programs, but it also started hogging more of my machine. Lightroom now has the ability to create ‘smart previews’ so that you can edit even while an external hard drive holding the pictures isn’t connected. Unfortunately, all this new fancy stuff also takes up hard drive space. 128 GB fills up pretty quick, even without music or pictures. Using Photoshop has become almost useless. I’ve almost given up using it, so I have many months of photo edits I’ve fallen behind on.

As a result, I’m in the market for a new desktop computer. But I still keep taking pictures, and hoping I will have the patience as my computer “thinks” over and over while I edit. I am not a patient person. Sorry to everyone I said I would send pictures to…

Last week I saw a posting on Facebook for a 40% off sale on Alienskin Exposure, another photo editing software program. I downloaded the trial, was amazed at it’s speed and lack of resource-hogging, and decided to make the purchase. I can now do my initial clean editing of raw files in Lightroom and complete my creative finishing touches in Exposure. It’s not Photoshop or even close, but at least it allows me to keep “working.”

Anyway, this past week we drove from Hamburg down to Cologne to visit our German friend from China who was visiting home for a few days. Another Chinese friend of ours also met us there who was spending the summer in Paris. After a month in Hamburg and surprisingly missing China, it was nice to see familiar faces from the life we just left. It was also nice to hear perspectives of Germany from a German, and not feel so strange feeling like we are here. The weather wasn’t great so we mostly hung out, eating, chatting and sharing stories. The sun was out the second day, so we did manage to tour the famous Cologne Cathedral.

We returned to Hamburg on Thursday evening. Using Lightroom and Exposure, I finished editing and uploading the pictures Friday evening. They aren’t perfect, but they’re good enough. Whew, that feels good!

We first walked up in front of the Cathedral where some guy was making insanely large bubbles and playing with a bunch of kids. We stood and watched for a few minutes while I snapped away.

I could have stayed there for awhile, but I turned around saw how amazing the cathedral was. Or maybe it was because I was making everyone wait for me.

Inside was even more impressive.

I didn’t realize how inappropriate this couple was until I took this picture.

We also climbed up to the top. I didn’t really like the narrow steps up, but it was an experience.

And there was this cute father and daughter.


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  1. Kate September 24, 2015 at 1:12 pm #

    They are all excellent, the columns show no distortions, if that was from editing then the software does a very good job too

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